A Stopped Clocks Series

This page contains a series in progress on the question of stopped clocks and how they are right twice a day. My concern with these essays is not to counter or argue against these positions exactly, but to point out what might be recuperated and transmuted from within them. For example, Texas Senator Ted Cruz is a stopped clock: on just about every point of policy he is hideously regressive and was a die-hard for Donald Trump, even after the latter’s incitement of violence at the U.S. Capitol. BUT! Ted Cruz, unlike others in his party with similar ideals, is not an anti-vaxxer. Why? What could be learn from an examination of this clock that is only right one one issue?

This series is a work in progress, and will be updated only periodically. I don’t expect this collection of essays to focus exclusively or even significantly on politics or current events, although as the first installment points out, that is clearly on the table. The essays will also be available in the “Collected Essays” section of this site, but are arranged here for ease of access.