• Masturbatory Fictions, Masturbatory Reading
    Précis: some thoughts on masturbatory v. sexual reading; the problem of genre fiction being taken “seriously;” an elaboration on Byung-chul Han’s Saving Beauty in a literary context.  Insomnia is not uncommon for me these days, and its silver lining is that I often come up with interesting thoughts and questions while tossing and turning. A … Continue reading Masturbatory Fictions, Masturbatory Reading
  • Meditations on Re-Reading
    Précis: Meditations on re-reading The Dark Tower series. Thoughts on the practice of re-reading, especially at regular intervals; considerations of the temporal experience of re-reading and what it can tell us about making a better world. NOTE: SPOILERS AHEAD My wife gave me a complete set of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower for our wedding … Continue reading Meditations on Re-Reading