We always inherit the ruins.

The world is on fire and my bucket is full of holes.

I’m Krumholz. I live with my wife and our two cats in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where I am pursuing a (second) Master’s degree in philosophy at the University of New Mexico. My work posted here consists of essays, reviews, and other projects. My real name is Mathieu Debic.

In my professional life I study philosophy in an academic context. I like it, but sometimes I find the demand to specialize a bit frustrating. Of course, no one can read everything, so some amount of specialization and narrowing happens on its own whether we want it or not, but I’ve always thought of myself as something of a generalist. From science fiction to Buddhist ethics, from plant biology to UFOs, I find all kinds of things interesting, hence this site as a getaway from my more “serious” undertakings.

One thing you won’t find here: Gospel Truth, The Answer, or anything one could describe as “Urgent.”

All claims, views, opinions, and insanity on this site are not only my own, but are also (obviously) elegant, sophisticated, and beyond question.

Feel free send me an email via the form below.

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