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Announcement: major overhaul soon

For a while now this blog has languished, neglected. I didn’t have a plan when I started it, so it turned into a kind of catch-all. Recently some developments and chance encounters have helped me gain a more specific sense of what I’d like this blog to be for and about. All this to say, at some point in the relatively near future I’ll be making some significant changes to the site. The posts that are already up will stay up, but will probably be moved around some. I’ll also clean up the tags, change how I organize things, and hold myself to something resembling a regular posting schedule. I’ll also create a distinction between the blog portion of the site (regular, short essays on current thoughts, projects, etc.) and other sections with longer and more polished essays and other things.

Some of the topics I’m thinking of including in the material I post here include thoughts about gardening, horticulture, and ecology. I’ll also be doing some philosophy (since hopefully that’ll eventually be my job). I’m especially interested in the question of how space is perceived qualitatively and affects human life, maybe a kind of phenomenology of space. Some of the posts will doubtless reflect my current coursework or interests, so there’ll still be a grab-bag element but with a bit more direction. Think “antique shop” rather than “garage sale.”

Since this is a personal website, all opinions will remain my own and any mistakes should be read as not only intentional, but deep and thought-provoking.

That’s all. Now, back (?) to our regularly scheduled programming.